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Showresults for dogs ownd or breed by Pia´s kennel, over time.


inoff inofficiell Show only for training, no officiell points, but still most of the times real judges
Nat nationell, cert men inte cacib nationell, only cert given, no cacib
Int Internationell, cert och cacib Internationell, cert and cacib
valp Valp Puppy
ck       certifikatkvalitet       certificatequality
cert certifikat certificate
cacib cacib cacib
BIR Bäst i rasen BOB, best in breed
BIM Bäst i motsatt kön BOS, best in opposit sex
BH Bästa hane best male
BT Bästa tik best female
BIG Bäst i gruppen Best in group
BIS Bästa hund på utställningen Best in show


In Sweden dog (of petbreeds) normaly need 3 certificate from at least 2 different judges, dogs in Sweden can start compeet for certificat at a age of 9 month. The last certificate must be given with a age of 2 years old or more, for be Swedish champion. If a dog are champion in other country first they "only" need one certificate i Sweden for be Swedish champion.

My breeds have those more simple rouls. For some other breeds like Swedish breeds, some hunting breeds, some working breeds or that cind of breeds are different and sometime more complicated rouls.




Kritik på Pia´s uppfödare- och avels- klasser.


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