More generations for Tjärbäckens Nomie

Fler generationer bakom Tjärbäckens Nomie


Tropical Heat Greven K



patella 1

Show: open clas 2 (= VG)

4 litters.

3 ½ years old with latest litter for now.

inbreed 0 %


Nikkétts Call Out My Name K


Patella unknowd.

No show.

1 litter with a age of 9 ½ month old.

King Of Kings De Iniesta L Born in Germany S49266/2007

Born 23 nov -06, Patella ok, Last litter april -11

DT JCH DT CH Galanto Blanchito De Iniesta VDHCKD3878/05 L Born in Germany PHOTOS

DT JCH DT CH VET CH CLUB CKD Armani Del Pequenos Mexicanos L VDHCKD3014/03 2,4 kg, 6+6, patella ok Born in Germany PHOTOS

 FI UCH US CH Mar-Rich's All My X'S-L L FIN44058/02 Born in USA PHOTO

DE CH DT CH KLUB Dt. Veteranen Ch. VDH CH Klub CH Arnica Montana Actaea Racemosa K 2,5 kg Patella ok Born in Finland, live in Germany FIN26637/02 PHOTOS

DK CH Vivian Del Zorrito L Born in Germany VDHCKD2683/02 PHOTO

Quincy La Bora's L Born in Germany VDHCC3600/01

Isabo Del Zorrito L Born in Germany VDHCC3011/97 PHOTO
Tanya's Sweet Epiphany L VDHCKD3593/04 deat 6 years old Born in USA

US CH IT CH Tanya's Mm's Magnum Dsg L LOI01/205348 2,1 kg Born in USA, sold to Japan PHOTO

US CH Tanya's Magnificient Masterpiece L LIR243030 Born in USA PHOTO

US CH Tanya's Deck The Hall K LIR486884 Born in USA PHOTO

Tanya's Sweet Confection L AKCTP14774701 Born in USA

US CH FI UCH Tanya's Sharp Dressed Man FIN32359/01 Born in USA, lived in Finland PHOTO

Regnier's La Vida Loca AKCTN86595904

Anneli Azul Desierto Del Perro Born in NL K

S14475/2007, Born 14 juni -06, Show junkl 2, Patella ok, 4 litters, last 5 oct -10

Kimosabi Desierto Del Perro NHSB2395875

Minitura Silver Blue NHSB1701001

Superman Del Pasador NHSB1625406

Placida v H Markelhof NHSB1530287

Cascada Nigrita Desierto Del Perro NHSB2261861

Minitura Silver Blue NHSB1701001

Polvorienta Desierto Del Perro NHSB2205002

Mexicana Azul Desierto Del Perro NHSB2551217

Azul De Alcalde Desierto Del Perro NHSB2236353

Sapo Desierto Del Perro NHSB1817644

Nieve Azul Desierto Del Perro NHSB1755304

Cierva Azul Desierto Del Perro NHSB2222605

Tamborero Desierto Del Perro NHSB1901989

Grande Desierto Del Perro NHSB1949258

Ada K S36762/2006

Patella 2.

No show.

4 litter, latest in a age of 5 years and 9 month

Wonderbits Chocolate Chip K S59279/2004

Born 15 aug -04, Patella 2, show open clas 1, last show at a age of 4 years old

SE UCH Evavale Billy The Kid K Born in GB 2 okt -94 S41060/95, lat dogshow 27 mars -99, last litter 4 may -05 PHOTO

Ballybroke Bufflo Bill K KCSB3340CE PHOTO

GB CH US CH Marjax's Jamie Windwalker At Ballybroke K KCSB1774CD Born in USA Lived in GB PHOTO

Ballybroke Pure Gold K KCSB2518CA Born in GB

Sudajac Special Offer KCS816801S01

GB CH Ballybroke's Miles Better K Born in GB KCSB5584BW Miles, Top S/C Puppy '87, followed up his Best Puppy in Show award at Driffield Champ Show, by gaining BOB at Crufts '88. He has since won another 1 2 CC's, currently making him Top S/C '88. Owner: Mr and Mrs G B Foote and Alison Foote 27 Crescent Road, Burgess Hill West Sussex RH15 8EH PHOTOS

Sudajac Amber Gleam KCQ4321102Q03 Born in GB

Wonderbits Bishamon Edith K S15780/2002, viltfärgad, born 9 jan -02, patella ok, open clas 2, 5 litter, the last litter born 18 oct -06

Bonny-Bell Marino Nostrano L S12432/97

SE UCH Bonny-Bell Las Wegas Wise K S10394/95

Bonny-Bell Jenna L S47302/95

Chippets Chichimeca Coya Mia K S10619/94

SE UCH Five Stars Chockaholic K S12456/93 PHOTO

Chippets Velutina K S67027/91

Tropical Heat Amazing Amanda L S38159/2000

Born 7 may -00, Patella unknowd, no show, 2 litters, last 7 april -06 

Tito K S52663/98, vetefärgad, born 24 oct -98, patella unknowd, open clas 2, father last time 7 may -00.

Castillo's Kramiga Bamse K S41051/97

Castillo's Perito L S57694/91

Castillo's Sankta Jamiena K S11481/93

Skuggfaxes Anfauglith K S52206/96

SE UCH Chippets Go'n Get It Mio K S41493/95 PHOTO

Skuggfaxes Tess Truelove K S63714/90

Tropical Heat Gin Fizz K S31098/99, sobel med svart mask, 13 april -99, patella unknowd, vet.klass 2 16 april -06, 5 litters, last born 24 may -04. PHOTO

Tiddy's Let's Dance L S22098/98

FI UCH SE UCH Misty Meadow's Snow Saxophone L SF07774/86 Born in Finland PHOTO

EUW-97 INT&NORD UCH KBH V-02 KBH V-97-00 NORD&SE V-99 SE V-01 Tiddy's Rockin' Ballerina L S17645/94 PHOTO

Tropical Heat Modesty-Blaze K S22576/96

Bonny-Bell Blaze Away K S38951/94

Lazy L S55063/91

Win Era's Vega L


Patella 1.

Open clas 2 (= VG)

3 litter. Lastest litter for now with 5 year and 3 month old

Inbreed 0,8 %


Suxes Tjatte L


Patella ok.

Open clas 1 (= Excellent), 4 in concurenseclas.

2 litters. Last iin a age of 6 years old.

SE UCH Chippets Orpheo Negro Amber Mio K S17354/98

Born 1 nov -97, patella ok, last dogshow 5 nov -06, last offsprings 4 nov -05.

SE UCH Five Stars Chockaholic S12456/93 K Born 29 aug -90 in USA, patella unknowd, last dogshow 16 aug -98, father last time 24 sept -98 PHOTO

US CH Bolero Macho Mania O'Pittore AKCSBTC765600 Born in USA

US CH Pittore's Macho Man AKCSBTB642858 Born in USA PHOTO

US CH Woods' Bolero Capri O Genbrook AKCSBTC381919 Born in USA

US CH Five Star's Dark Celebration AKCSBTC718421 Born in USA

US CH Five Star's Wild Child AKCSBTC224026 Born in USA

US CH Dugger's Cousin Karrie AKCSBTC383156 Born in USA

SE UCH Dugger's Adorable Amber K S22362/94. Born in USA 3 nov -91, patella unknowd, last dogshow 12 oct -02. 3 litters, last born 1 nov -97.

US CH Dugger's Felix AKCSBTB961729

Dugger's Toy Man AKCSBTB547975

Pittore's Flamenco Dancer AKCSBTB752432

Dugger's Irish Witch AKCSBTM649129

US CH Dugger's Wee President AKCSBTC878566

US CH Dugger's Wild Irish Rose AKCSBTC538127

Suxés Lucille L S26123/98

Born 27 mars -98, patella unknowd, open clas 2, 3 litters, last litter born 29 jan -01

SE UCH Svian's Don Fransisco N09724/90 L. Golden. Born in Norway 4 feb -90, patella unknowd, last dogshow 27 april -03, last litter 19 aug -01.

NO UCH SE UCH Yeosinga Siegfried L N01788/89 Born in GB PHOTO

GB CH US CH JAP CH WW-90 Yeosinga Tomahawk L KCSB1733BX Born in GB, sold to Japan PHOTO

Yeosinga Alicia KCK3947402K09 Born in GB

INT UCH NORD UCH Little Gay Tamara Of Rossanty L N14139/84 PHOTO

NO UCH Wee Willow Tit Of Rossanty L N03856/82

Little Tinker Gaila Of Rossanty L N14010/81

Rådjurstigens Rosa L S29985/94, born 31 mars -94, patella unknow, show open clas 2, 2 litters, last litter born 21 july -99.

Smulans Montezuma L S34563/89

Ohlala Hokus-Pokus L S32175/86

Smulans Miss Mistral L S51832/86

Lady Ross Lindina Paradice Flower K S17136/90

SE UCH Estrellitas Reprint K S67130/81 PHOTO

Bichi's Alexandina L S22203/88
Win Era's Aquila L


Patella ok.

certificate quality.

3 litters, latest in a age of 6 years and 3 month old.

Tulipanaros Guardian Angel L S11873/99

Born 7 dec -98, patella unknow, no show, last litter 29 juli -05.

Xtremitas Quintus L S54136/96. Cream. Born 13 sept -96. Patella unknowd, 2 cert, 1 r-cacib, last litter 8 dec -01. PHOTO

Xtremitas Kallimero L S20300/91

INT UCH NO V-90 NORD UCH Chabinas Fray L S26922/85

Bichi's Alexandra L S22202/88

Chiwaow's She Got The Look K S39438/95

SE UCH Bonny-Bell Snow Dancer L S65308/89 PHOTO

SE UCH Chiwaow's Olivia K S27551/93

Ammonti's Karin Månsdotter K S49615/94. Fawn. Patella unknowd, open clas 1, 5 litters, last born 6 aug -01.

Lady Ross Darlings Line Of Freja K S24643/91

INT UCH NO UCH SE UCH Tom Puss King Of The Ring L S20156/89 PHOTO

Lady Ross Freja Platina Line K S17135/90

Tom Puss Lora L S61729/88

INT UCH NORD UCH NORD V-85 Tom Puss My Perky Lad L S47465/80 PHOTO

SE UCH Wayra L S47518/83
Ohlala Manuela L S12974/99

Born 25 dec -98, patella unknowd, open clas 1, 5 litters, last born 20 jan -05.

IT CH NO UCH SE UCH SE V-99 Ohlala Trendy Size L S54441/96. Viltfärgad. DOB 24 sept -96. Last dogshow 3 juni -06. Last offspring born 11 sept -07. PHOTOS

Ashaka Trendy Man Born in Irland L S29431/96 PHOTO

IE CH Ashaka Tomboy L IKCR72458 PHOTO

Deltramer Emmelia IKCR63138

Ohlala Coco Chanel L S50690/93

INT UCH NO UCH SE UCH Little Cute Victor Of Rossanty L N11781/89 PHOTO

Bella Magnolia Of Rossanty N21005/91 PHOTO

Ohlala Picco Lissima K S29168/96. Rödsobel. DOB 3 april -96. Patella unknowd, no show, 5 litters, last litter born 12 feb -02.

SE UCH Chippets Go'n Get It Mio K S41493/95 PHOTO

SE UCH Five Stars Chockaholic K S12456/93 PHOTO

Chippets Yaawi Mia K S10970/92

Bella Magnolia Of Rossanty Born in in Norway N21005/91 L chocolate PHOTO

NO UCH Dark Night L N03320/87 PHOTO

NO UCH Little Belle Bianca Of Rossanty N09769/85


K = Shortcoated

L = Longcoated


AKC = American kennel Club

BCC = British Chihuahua Club

B.C.C. = Belgian Chihuahua Club

CC = Chihuahua-Club e.V. (D)

CKD = Chihuahua-Klub Deitschland e.V.

CKC = Canadian Kennel Club

DK = Denmark

FCM = Federatión Canofila Mexicana, A.C.

FI = Finland

FIN = Finland

KC = Kennel Club (UK)

KCREG = Kennel Club - Register (UK)

KCSB = Kennel Club Stud Book (UK)

L.O.F. = Livre Des Origines Français (Frankrike)

L.O.I. = Livre Des Origines Italien (Italien)

L.O.L. = Livre Des Origines Luxembourgeois (Luxemburg)

L.O.S.H. = Livre Des Origines St. - Hubert (Belgium)

N = Norway

N.H.S.B. = Netherlands Hondenstamboek

NO = Norway

S = Sverige

SE = Sverige

SHSB = Schweizerisches Hundenstammbuch, Bern

VDH = Verein fûr das deutsche Hundewesen e.V.

VK = Verband Dt. Kleinhundezüchter e.V.


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